Castagneto Carducci, portion of a house with garden, with an ancient noble charm

Castagneto Carducci, portion of a house with garden, with an ancient noble charm

via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 3 CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI - 57022 Italy Posted On: 31 March, 2021

Property for : sale, Property Type : Apartment and Unit, Price: $ 330000,

Car Parking
1 out of 3

Super Area
3444 sqft
Carpet Area
2647 sqft
Front Facing
interior garden

Construction Status
Ready To Move
Car Parking

Property Description:

This proposal in Castagneto Carducci is a real leap into the past, the current furnishings, accessories and furnishings, although from a more modern era, seem designed to allow visitors to the property to identify themselves in a distant time.
The house, which is on three levels, must be savored in every little detail and nuance. The main fa├žade with its austere medieval cleanliness, suggests nothing of what is hidden inside and the same applies to the garden which is protected by high walls that make it inaccessible to prying eyes and impassable.
Let's start from here our virtual visit from here, accessing the basement floor: four large rooms with high vaulted brick ceilings. Formerly used as cellars, one of the four converted to stube with a stone fireplace is directly and connected to the apartment by a spiral staircase that leads to the atrium
The entrance to the house takes place from one of the main streets of the town's historic center and, from the large arched wooden door we enter the atrium. An environment with a noble and austere aspect paved in marble, like much of the apartment, a crossroads of access doors to the various rooms and levels of the house.
On this floor is the large living area which is divided into several rooms. In addition to the atrium we find the living room, the living room, the bathroom, the dining room and the kitchen. Connected to each other, some are characterized by vaulted ceilings and arched walls, architecture also resumed in the form of doors or passageways from one to another room. Naturally, the rooms light up large windows or French windows that overlook the balcony where the view can range from the hills to the sea offering a splendid view of the local landscape.
Upstairs there is an internal staircase, there is currently a bathroom, three large double bedrooms, as well as a study with a partially frescoed ceiling and a floor of white, red and black hexagonal cement tiles now very sought after in the restoration.
There are other rooms used as storerooms or wardrobes in the various floors, fireplaces and other details that testify to the past nobility, but we leave you the pleasure of discovering them while visiting this ancient property, which could become yours at an attractive price. It would be up to you to combine past and present to make it the dream home you've always wanted


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