Baynoo See`s it all!

Baynoo finds everything in one search from all search engines.

- You do not have to browse page after page in search engines

- You save time

- You avoid advertising or paid ads

- The overview can be downloaded or printed out

Baynoo collects information from all search engines and collects information about your search into one report. 

This report you can save/download or print out. 

This will allow you to collect everything you might not have found yourself online, but which others may find about you.

In today's world, it is important to use the means you can to secure yourself online by having control over what information is actually public about you and making the right decisions in the hectic everyday life of your work.

Spending just a few seconds on Baynoo versus several hours you usually don't have time for - can save you a lot of time and money.


Businesses: Use it as a tool that is always on your screen.

Individuals: Individual should make 1 report per year to keep track of their public online information.

- Baynoo has no algorithms that make the most popular searches top the list. The report contains no ads or popularity hits. The report collects all the public information available online related to your search.

You don't have to search page after page online for the info you are looking for. You can save the report or print. Anything that allows your work to assess candidates or other companies can be done systematically with better control.

As a private person you can, for example. Report on all the companies you are considering to perform a service at your home. (exampel: a craftsman )

With Baynoo, you save time as everything is gathered in one report.

Everyone uses Baynoo.com whether you are a private person or business.

- All types of industries use Baynoo. We include both public and private companies. Individuals who are looking for a job or who are looking for an overview of information available about themselves online.

-   No. Each company can have a license that can be distributed to multiple users / employees under the same organization number.

- No, this is not possible with reference to the EU's privacy policy.

As a private person, you can only generate a report on yourself.