Baynoo makes everyday life easier for individuals and companies around the world.
Businesses and individuals can now quickly connect with each other on the world's largest service platform
Norway 6 June 2020
Baynoo, a Norwegian-based young and dynamic company, has come up with a platform that brings the world together. The company is very first to bring this concept and makes the service available worldwide. At Baynoo, you can always write your evaluation of the company you have used, so that other potential customers can make an easier choice for you.

How does Baynoo OFFER work?
Renovate your home. Find a good photographer for a child's birthday. Find a moving company. You can do everything - and much more - at Baynoo Tender.
Tell us what you want to do and we will introduce you to skilled professionals.
Compare offers and find the right company for your job. It's that simple.
How does Baynoo FREELANCE work?
You as a private person or company may need a translation, video, new logo, website, music producer.
Would you like to receive a chocolate from another country you miss?
Find professional Freelancers in everything you can think of.
Are you looking for a new JOB?
Search for jobs worldwide. In your log in, you will also have access to CV templates and slks that you can use in your job search.
Look at homes from sellers and realtors around the world.
All industries, including financial institutions, human resources, marketing and automobiles can use this system. Baynoo is a pure service platform and contains no spam, algorithms or ads.
About the company
Baynoo is a Norwegian limited liability company that complies with all company and other directive laws.
. For more information, visit -