How do I post a job to get offers from companies?

Easy, fast and secure!

1.Post the job

Start registering your job by choosing the right category on the front page.

Tell us what you want to do by answering a few questions.

Then your job is sent out to relevant companies.


2. Receive non-binding offers from companies

Within a short time, you will receive non-binding offers from several skilled professionals and companies.

You will find an overview of all responses from companies in your profile.


3. Choose the right one for you

Compare offers. Read about the company on their profile page on Baynoo, check their qualifications and look at other previous customers' evaluations to make you a good rating.

We also always recommend writing a contract - no matter the size of the job you are going to do.


4. Evaluate your business

Once the job is done, it is important that you take the opportunity to submit an evaluation of the company you chose for your job.

In this way, all users of Baynoo Anbud contribute to helping others who are considering companies for their assignments.


Baynoo is the world's largest online service portal.

A service space where you can find new jobs, real estate, professional companies or freelancers who can provide you with the service you are looking for.



It is free for you who use the service. Write down what you need and then send your job out to relevant companies in the city and industry that are available.

You will then receive offers and answers from several companies that you can evaluate against each other.

Write an evaluation of the work and the company after the end of the assignment.


Baynoo Freelancer:

Here you get in touch with Freelancers from all over the world. You may need online advertising for translation jobs.

You will find everything you can imagine of services that can be provided by skilled freelancers.

For your safety, Baynoo does not release the payment to the Freelancer until you have approved the assignment.

If you do not respond within the deadline after the freelancer has delivered the final product, automatic payment will be made.


Baynoo Jobs:

Here you will find job advertisements from all over the world.

Inside your profile you will have access to CV templates and application templates for free.

These can be of great help to you who are unsure of how to set up your resume.

You can easily apply for jobs by uploading your application as well.


Baynoo Property:

Here you will find houses, apartments and properties for sale and rent from all over the world.

Get in touch with the seller or the real estate agent easily via the ads that have been posted.

Register your company


Baynoo Tender

1.Click "become user" -> select register company -> fill in. Enter company name and phone number, and set up a profile with photo, text and if you have qualifications. It is important that under YOUR PROFILE ( Edit ) ,you activate Tender Services and cities your in..

2.Get jobs sent directly to your email. Get access to all the jobs posted on Baynoo that are relevant to you.

3. talk to the customer. Respond to customers directly through Baynoo, win jobs and get great reviews.


Baynoo Real Estate

1.Click "become user" -> select register company -> fill in

2. Select the package for purchases that your company wants in your profile under Dashboard.


Baynoo Job

1.Click "become user" -> select register company -> fill in

2. Select the package for purchases that your company wants in your profile under Dashboard.

Who can evaluate on Baynoo?

Only users who have posted jobs on Baynoo can evaluate companies or Freelancers. Then the company must have responded to the assignment, established contact with the customer through the service and an agreement must have been entered into. We do this to be sure that the evaluations are genuine. We also read through all evaluations manually before they are published and we have many automatic filters that notify us if something does not work correctly. The companies that have tried to cheat have been banned from the service.

Businesses can not change evaluations!

It is not possible for companies to change or have evaluations deleted. We also require that all evaluations be done with your full name. This allows you to also check up on the evaluations of a company.