About Us

The first and only website in the world that gives you a total overview of whats online about you or a company.
We gather all info from all search engines into one overview:  easy and fast to use.


Baynoo - the world’s fastest leading computer system, is at your disposal, ready to gather and report all the publicly online information you need.

Use Baynoo from anywhere- it is worldwide.


Control your public data:

Attain complete control over what information is available about you online. Baynoo retrieves everything that is searchable. Any photos or information associated with you through links. Then, Baynoo places it in a overview that you can save or download.

Control your time:

Your time is valuable, and what is more time-consuming than looking page after page on the web, for the information you seek? In seconds, Baynoo generates a report that contains all you seek.

 Friendly and easy-to-use:

We know how complicated websites can be. So, we crafted Baynoo to be as user-friendly as possible. When you log-in, you will have a menu at your disposal, just press “generate report” and you will receive a report on what you seek.

 For companies:

If you subscribe as a company, you can also generate reports on any other company you want. These reports are completely secure and confidential- only you will see that you took out these reports. If you would then like to generate a report on an individual, you must send that person a request from your administration.

If you subscribe as a company, you can use it to select business partners. You will have the opportunity to look at the history of other companies or individuals. For a company, this can make it a lot easier to find the right candidate or business partner, domestic or overseas, that fits your ideal profile.

 How we do it:

Baynoo is a computer program that collects all available information from public online sources. The gathered information is referred to with sources. The internet has become a world of its own, crowded with information that one can get lost in. Private information about you or your company can be easily distributed and used online. This is where Baynoo comes in to help. Baynoo makes it easy for you to get a report on information about yourself or your company online. 



 Industries that already use the system:

- Shops

- Wholesalers

- The artisan industry

- The recruitment industry

- Public

- Sales

- Banks

- The car industry